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Airpods original 1:1 size TWS earbuds i10-Max
Dec 14, 2018

Airpods original 1:1 size TWS earbuds i10-Max

Model Number: i10-Max 


Product charger size and Apple original 1:1 size, Bluetooth 4.2, button models, Android charging port

Individual package size: 11.59*8*3 cm

i10-max box

Packing weight: 84g

Configuration: high with true copper ring stereo surround

Battery: 400AH+40AH

Per box: 100pcs

Headphone size: length: 39.6x 17.59mm

Charger size: Length: 54.05 x44.6MM

Box gauge: 52x36x22cm

Wireless distance: 10M or more

Play time: 4 hours (charge box can charge the headset 5 times)

Charging time: 1-2 hours

i10-MAX airpods

How to pair i10-Max headphones simultaneously?

(1) Two headphones long press the boot, then let go when the red and blue flashes

(2) Press and hold any headset for 3 seconds, and see one of them does not flash, the other is red and blue, so it has been successfully matched.

(3) At this time, turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth again to connect and use

Button function: long press to boot long press to turn off the music Click music pause / play / call answer / hang up

i10-max tws

Note: Do not connect the headset after booting. The headset will automatically shut down after three minutes.

Charging tips:

Headphone charging reminder light: headphone charging red light is on

Charging box charging tips:

1. When the charging box is charging the earphone: the green light of the charging box flashes, and the green LED goes out after the earphone is full.

2. When charging the charging box: the red LED of the charging box flashes, and the red LED lights up after being fully charged.

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