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Does the Bluetooth headset sound better than a wired headset?
Aug 30, 2018

The Bluetooth headset transmits the audio data wirelessly, because in the transmission process uses the Lossy coding method to compress the audio signal, and the lossy encoding in order to be able to achieve the large compression ratio, realizes the smaller data quantity in the compression, will discard the audio signal when the central Plains some information, namely, Some audio data is lost during the conversion process, resulting in a change in sound quality, resulting in a Bluetooth headset that seems less audible than a wired headset.

This can be seen in the format of Bluetooth encoding, to a large extent determines the sound quality of headphones. However, with the development of Bluetooth technology, this problem has been effectively solved. There are 3 kinds of transcoding types, such as AAC, APTX and LDAC, which have virtually lossless audio data on the market, which can basically make the audio data lossless.

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