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Don't forget this when choosing a Bluetooth headset
Oct 07, 2018

Don't forget this when choosing a Bluetooth headset

Many users only care about the sound quality when they first purchase the Bluetooth headset. I don't know how important the headset storage box (charge box) is to the user experience. For a simple example, a Bluetooth headset sounds better, but the storage box is as big as a brick, and you completely lose interest in carrying it. Therefore, how to choose a good Bluetooth headset, its storage box design is also very important.

First, the storage box should be reasonable

Unlike headsets used in fixed occasions, Bluetooth headsets are inherently small in size, especially for split-type Bluetooth headsets. The size is generally only about 4g. It is estimated that you can't stand your ears. Some headset brands are trying to control the headset. At the same time, the storage box is made very large, and the "cool design" with metal and square corners is used. Imagine that you can put this storage box into the pants bag?


Second, mellow does not pick up the hand, you must have a protective cover to prevent loss


A good Bluetooth headset storage box should fit easily into your waist pocket for easy access. Generally speaking, the sleek body design of the storage box can avoid excessive friction, and at the same time, it is better to use a soft plastic material body, which can not pick up the hand, and also has the storage box itself and the earphone inside. Very good protection.


Third, the charging strength of the storage box reflects the quality of the Bluetooth headset

As we all know, the life time of a Bluetooth headset is limited, usually within a few hours, if it is used every day, it is inevitable. Nowadays, the Bluetooth earphone storage box comes with a charging function. This design is not simple, and it is the symbol that best reflects the strength of a brand.


To sum up, choose the split wireless Bluetooth headset to see the main points of the storage box

1, the volume should be small enough, the shape is round, like Apple AirPods and Hewitt G1 like a block of "soap" shape is better.

2. There is a protective cover to prevent loss.

3, support the left and right headphones to charge at the same time, provide at least 24 hours of battery life, it is best to wirelessly charge

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