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How to choose a sports Bluetooth headset?
Sep 21, 2018

How to choose a sports Bluetooth headset?

As sports became a current lifestyle, it began to attract more and more people. However, in sports, it is often necessary to repeat the same movements, which makes people lack the motivation to exercise. While listening to music, exercise has become the choice of many people, and a professional sports headset has become an urgent need of many sports enthusiasts. Today teaches you how to choose a sports Bluetooth headset.

First of all, as a very important part of the sports Bluetooth headset, the wearing comfort and stability must not be bad.

These two points directly determine the length of time users use Bluetooth sports headphones. Imagine a product that wears ear pain or is always worn unreliable, which not only affects the movement but also affects the user's mood.

The second priority is about the sound problem of the Bluetooth headset.

With such a long period of development, and even the Bluetooth transmission version is about to be updated to the 5.0 era, many good voices in Bluetooth headsets have been recognized by consumers. Some Bluetooth headsets can already support the APT-X protocol, and you can enjoy HIFI music. Friends who need it can especially look for this.

Another point is the battery life of the Bluetooth headset.

After all, no one wants to charge a pair of headphones every day. At present, the industry is 6 hours as a watershed. It can be a good life for 6 hours. It is basically full of electricity once a week to cope with 7 days X times. 45 minutes - 1 hour of exercise or one or two days of commuting

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