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How to connect your phone with a Bluetooth headset?
Oct 03, 2018

How to connect your phone with a Bluetooth headset?

Method 1: Press and hold the MFB or power button of the Bluetooth headset. Generally, the blue light will flash on about 5 seconds. Don't let go and keep pressing until the red and blue lights flash alternately. Release the button. After turning on the phone Bluetooth search, search for the device name and select Connect.

Method 2: In the off state, long press the power button of the headset until the light is long, it is the pairing status.

The Bluetooth headset is a small device based on Bluetooth technology. It only needs to hide this lightweight device on the side of the headset without the need to directly use the communication device (mobile phone, computer, etc.) to make free calls. The Bluetooth headset is to apply Bluetooth technology to the hands-free headset, so that users can avoid the annoying wires and easily talk in various ways. Since the advent of the Bluetooth headset, it has been a good tool for mobile business people to improve efficiency.

When purchasing a Bluetooth headset, the most important question is whether the phone is compatible with the headset. Some Bluetooth headsets are not compatible with mobile phones, mainly because of different specifications. Bluetooth headsets now have two main specifications -- HandfreeProfile (HFP) and Headset Pro-file (HSP). HFP stands for hands-free function, while HSP stands for headset function. Consumers must first figure out which specifications their phones support, and then pick the right Bluetooth headset to pair with.

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