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How to correctly charge the Bluetooth headset?
Nov 18, 2018

How to correctly charge the Bluetooth headset?

Seeing this title, maybe someone thought, charging a Bluetooth headset is not easy enough? Plug the plug directly and turn the power on.

It's really simple, but there are still a lot of Bluetooth headset users who don't know how to charge the Bluetooth headset, or carelessly, and then cause the Bluetooth headset to be damaged to varying degrees. Let's take a look at the correct charging method for Bluetooth headsets:

First of all, choose the right charger. Because the general Bluetooth headset has a dedicated charger, if there is no dedicated charger, you can directly find the charging interface (some are small round holes, some are MiniUSB universal interface), and the rated output power is also the same charger.

Secondly, the charging time of the general Bluetooth headset is kept within 2 hours, because the charging time is too long, it will directly lead to the aging or even burning of the circuit board, and there will be various unreasonable machine failures, such as standby. Problems such as shortened time, frequent disconnection, shortened call distance, and inability to boot. So, for your Bluetooth headset, please give them a proper charging time.

Then, insert all the plugs when charging, don't just insert more than half, so long-term use will cause damage to the Bluetooth headset. Of course, when pulling the charging plug, the action should not be so big, so rude, be gentle, otherwise pulling the plug for a long time will cause the plug to loosen.

Then, when the Bluetooth headset is connected to the power source and charging starts, the red indicator light on the Bluetooth headset is on, indicating that charging is in progress. If the indicator light turns blue after charging is complete, the charger can be removed.

Also, when you want to charge the Bluetooth headset again, please make sure to add it after the previous power is used up.

In addition, if the Bluetooth headset is plugged into the dock or the charging box to charge, compared with charging directly to the Bluetooth headset, the power after the charging is completed will be more durable in use time. In addition, the charging method is the same as charging the Bluetooth headset directly, inserting the charging cable into the hole of the base, and then turning on the power to normal charging.

Finally, after charging the Bluetooth headset, remember to unplug it from the power strip. If it is plugged into the power supply for a long time, it will seriously affect the life of the charger.

Last reminder: While charging the Bluetooth headset, be sure not to use the headset at the same time, so as not to cause various accidents.

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