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How to operate Multi-Point connection
Nov 05, 2018

How to operate Multi-Point connection of Bluetooth Headsets?

Step 1: First pair the first Samsung mobile phone with Bluetooth

1. When the Bluetooth headset is turned off, press and hold the smart switch key for about 10 seconds (or directly dial the ON/OFF button to the ON state), until the headphone indicator flashes red and blue, and enter the searched state.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone 1, search for the Bluetooth device to find the "device" name of the Bluetooth headset, and click the pair to complete the connection.

Step 2: Pair the Apple phone with the Bluetooth headset

1. Press and hold the smart key to turn on the headset, turn off the bluetooth headset, and turn off the Bluetooth of the Samsung mobile phone.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth headset again to the searched state (red and blue lights flashing)

3, open the Bluetooth function of the Apple mobile phone, search for Bluetooth devices, look for the "device" name, point pairing to complete the connection

Step 3: Connect the first phone to the Bluetooth headset

1. Turn on the Samsung mobile phone Bluetooth function and find the previously connected "Q8", click on the connection

You can complete the smart one.


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