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Tempow breaks a Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time
Oct 30, 2018

Tempow breaks a Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time

In today's era, I believe that the existence of Bluetooth is almost common to everyone, but although the Bluetooth technology has matured, there is still room for improvement. A French startup called Tempow uses cutting-edge technology to make small Bluetooth more "versatile."

Tempow has been dedicated to the development of new Bluetooth features, and their idea is to let people's mobile music play simultaneously on multiple Bluetooth audio devices.

Bluetooth speakers have become one of the common products and gift choices. Almost all electronic device enthusiasts can't do without Bluetooth. Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth headsets have freed the bond line.

But at the same time, it unwittingly brings new constraints to people.

For example, most people usually have multiple Bluetooth headsets or speakers in their homes, because it is well known that a Bluetooth device can only be connected to one external device at a time, which means that if you only have one Bluetooth headset, then unfortunately, you Computers and mobile phones cannot play music at the same time.

Many Bluetooth users feel inconvenient about this, and most manufacturers only use the WiFi function to make up for the lack of Bluetooth, but the effect is not ideal, after all, many speakers or headphones only support Bluetooth connection.

So Tempow took hold of this critical issue and tried to break it.

In the end, Tempow replaces the Bluetooth driver on the phone to enable people to play music simultaneously on multiple Bluetooth devices, and this technology is compatible with all standard Bluetooth chips and Bluetooth audio devices currently on the market.

With this new technology, the mobile phone and the Bluetooth device can be connected to play different music in the left and right earphones, and the volume can be adjusted separately. In other words, it is more like constructing a complete "sound system".

Referring to Bluetooth, Tempow's team is indeed very competitive, and given the core position of smartphones in the digital life of the future, Bluetooth technology is destined to flourish in the next few years, so it can be predicted that the two will be integrated. Probably also the inevitable trend in the future

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