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True wireless, ear-hanging, neck-mounted bluetooth headset which kind of good?
Aug 30, 2018

True Wireless bluetooth Headset Advantages: The real wireless headset, wearing a lighter, use is also very innovative, can be used by one person, can also be shared by two people, can also be paired with a separate phone use.

In addition, a number of genuine wireless headphones have their own rechargeable storage box, which can be used to store headphones, effectively protect the headset, but also to charge the headset, ideal for leisure or travel use.

Disadvantage: No hanging ear accessories, in the movement of the use of easy to drop, in addition, its semi-open structure, resulting in headphones sound insulation effect is not ideal, in the noisy environment, the headset sound quality is not very good.

Ear-mounted sports bluetooth headset Advantages: Hanging ear-type Bluetooth headset not only anti-shedding effect is better, and many styles, many also have heart rate detection function, is very suitable for sports use.

In addition, the ear canal of the ear-mounted headphones is in-depth, the sound insulation is good and the wearing is more stable. Disadvantage: The first is the sound insulation effect is good security problems.

Secondly, it is the cleaning problem, if the ear plug is not regularly cleaned, the breeding of a large number of bacteria will induce a variety of ear diseases, and if the ear plugs are improperly chosen or the ergonomic design of the headset is not reasonable, the earbuds frequently enter It is easy to scrape the ear canal out.

In addition, the ear-hanging bluetooth headset is not suitable for wearing glasses, barely can be brought on, but a little longer time will be prone to ear fatigue, pain and other problems.

Neck-mounted bluetooth headset Advantages: Style personality, fashion, wearing is also very comfortable. Can be used in multiple scenes, but also can be hidden under the collar. In addition, the battery capacity can be larger than other types of Bluetooth headphones.

Suitable for daily leisure, work, and light weight exercise when used, such as NA technology X1, X2, X3 products is such a neck-wearing Bluetooth headset.

Disadvantage: It is not suitable for use when carrying out large body movements or strenuous exercise. These three kinds of headphones, have their advantages and disadvantages, and consumers buy headphones and use of different scenarios are not the same, therefore, consumers according to their own needs to choose the right headset is the most important, suitable is the best.

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