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Two common misconceptions about using Bluetooth headsets
Aug 30, 2018

1. Use loud volume when new machine is in the pot

Some friends feel that the new Bluetooth headset needs to use a large volume to pot, so that the headset can quickly and well into the normal working condition, but also save time. shenzhen bluetooth headset Manufacturers tell us that this is actually the use of headphones is a big bogey, because the new headset is usually the rigidity of the film is too strong, the large volume of the pot will make the vibration of the frequency beyond the new vibration film withstand capacity, causing damage to the diaphragm.

In the pot should use the moderate volume, the use of a period of time can be arbitrarily debugged.

bluetooth headset

2. When listening to headphones, the volume is too high Long-time loud music concert on the People's hearing has a very negative impact, gradually resulting in a decline in hearing, hearing damage to the ear, a long period of large volume will cause physical and mental fatigue, exhaustion. And the large volume of the impact of the headset diaphragm is also very large, long-time use of large volume, will cause distortion of sound, and even cause damage to the diaphragm. So, when listening to music to choose the moderate volume, neither too small, affect the beauty of music, also can not be too big, hurt their ears. A moderate volume also prolongs the life of the headset, which is one of the ways to maintain a Bluetooth headset.

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