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TWS Bluetooth Headset Chipset
Dec 05, 2018

Bluetooth 5.0 has arrived.

The new Bluetooth 5.0 is not only backward compatible with older versions, but also offers the advantage of higher speed and longer transmission distances.

There is also a significant increase and optimization in transmission rate and latency, making it possible to use wireless device applications that require more information and faster response.

The main control chip of Bluetooth 5.0 TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset, please refer to the following for the specific product model.

1, Airoha AB1526P

2, Airoha AB1532

3. AppoTech CW6626B

4. AppoTech CW6693D

5, Actions ATS300X

6, BES BES2300

7, Broadcom BCM43436


9, Qualcomm CSR8675

10, Cypress CYW20721

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