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A New AirPod Called XY Pods Has Been Announced By ICellway
Jan 09, 2019

A new AirPod called XY Pods has been announced by iCellway

Continues to prove why Shenzhen Cellway Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the most popular headphones Manufacturers in the world of wireless technology today, not only because of our great services but also because of our capacity to produce almost any bluetooth headsets with good quality assurance. Since last year they had a huge success with TWS wireless headphones, the great company has decided to announce the arrival of a new product that could be said, has a huge inspiration in Apple’s AirPods; This is the XY Pods

XY PODS tws earbuds


2. There are 4 flash lights display charging status in the front of charging dock

3. Touch control

4. Support wireless charging function

5. Headphone battery capacity: 45 mAh

6. Charge box battery capacity: 450 mAh

7. Charge box for headphone charging times: 5 times

8. Playing time: 2-3 hours

9. True Cooper Ring Speaker

10. Working Distance: 10-15 meters

11. Headphone size: 16*40 mm

12. Charge box size: 44*21*53.5 mm

13.USB charging line REALTEK with LIGHTNING adapter, AIROHA with MICRO USB charging adapter

14.Binaural call, dual ears conversation

15.Voice assistant: Siri Call

xy pods tws earphones

2019 latest new TWS Wireless Earbuds XY Pods

XY Pods Ture wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earphones

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