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Advantages And Disadvantages Of TWS Wireless Earbuds
Nov 28, 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of TWS wireless earbuds

The hottest earphones at the moment are wireless Bluetooth headsets, that is, TWS earbuds. What are the advantages and disadvantages of TWS headphones?

Shenzhen Cellway Tech will answer questions from appearance, price, technology and brand.

First of all, from the definition point of view, the true wireless Bluetooth headset is the abbreviation of the English "TrueWirelessStereo", that is, "true wireless stereo". Intuitively, TWS headphones are without traditional physical wires.

i10 tws wireless earbuds

The TWS Bluetooth headset does not require a wired connection. The two left and right headsets form a stereo system via Bluetooth, and the songs, calls, and wear are improved. The true wireless Bluetooth headset completely eliminates the way the wire is connected, and the host can work alone, and the hands-free call is under control. True wireless can be worn with both ears. The current true wireless headset on the market is clearly known as Apple's AirPods.

TWS headset appearance:

wireless! The TWS Bluetooth headset does not require a wire connection, which is simply two earphone bodies. There is no problem with the winding of the headphone cable; of course, some people are worried that the wireless earphone is easy to fall. At present, it is generally not easy to drop the wireless earphone when it is worn. TWS headphones look great thanks to wireless features, so great convenience

TWS headset price:

Price is the focus of many people's attention. At present, the price is not low because of technology, technology, brand and other reasons. Apple AirPods costs $200. The price of TWS headphones is also related to the increase in cost caused by small size and high integration.


TWS headset technology:

TWS headphones do not have the wires that connect the left and right units, which makes their batteries and control circuits must be built into the headphone cavity, and the volume of the cavity increases, bringing more features. In many TWS headsets, voice assistants, gesture control, active noise reduction and other relatively "technical" features are integrated.

Due to the fact that the left and right units of the TWS headset have no physical connection, the Bluetooth headset is generally not charged via the microUSB interface. To solve this problem, almost all TWS headsets are equipped with a carrying case that combines charging and storage functions, and some of the carrying case itself also integrates mobile power. When you have no power, just put the earphones in the box, automatically disconnect and start charging. It is very convenient.

i9s tws with colorful case

The shortcomings of TWS headphones are also very obvious. Due to the small size and limited internal circuit scale, the battery life is generally about 3-4 hours. In actual noise reduction and speech recognition rate, the same generation of TWS headphones is not as good. Traditional Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets, because they are wirelessly connected and have no wires connected to each other, the amplitude of the motion should not be too large. Another drawback of wireless connectivity is that the ability to prevent thieves is not strong. Once the phone is stolen, the probability of discovery is relatively low. These are the disadvantages of TWS headphones.


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