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Airpods VS I10 TWS
Dec 08, 2018

Airpods VS i10 TWS

For the people who want to get almost same functions earbuds as Airpods but cheap price, i10 TWS is the best choice!

1) i10 TWS similar design as Original Airpods

The i10 TWS is built with a design that mirrors the Apple AirPods.

The i10 earbuds comes in a lightweight case that doubles up as a charger, like most wireless earphones. 

The i10 TWS earphone is made to fit in-ear without any pain, it is very comfortable of fitting into the ears.


2) The TWS-i10 IPX6 waterproof

When people sports, the i10 earbuds with IPX6 sweatproof design, even under high pressure from any sports, do not worry about it. 

The i10 TWS likes Apple EarPod design. the i10 TWS brings all the goodness of the Apple Airpods with very reasonable price.


3) The i10 earphones widely usage

It can not only use with Android but also iPhone or any other device with Bluetooth.

It's very easy to connect the device. 

All you need to do is take the right earphone out and wait for a few seconds and the both earbuds be paired to the device. After this the device is paired automatically.


4) The i10 also comes with touch sensors like Airpods

Both the right and left earpieces with touch sensors. accepts or rejects a call, pauses or resums music and changes song can be operated by slightly touching the i10 TWS earpieces

Also Amazing price under $40 for Christmas gifts, the best Buy i10 TWS headphones


5) Very good sound quality

The i10 TWS has a good bass effection. Enjoy Music for the users with lovely performance. 

The tws i10 is noise cancelling earbuds. Which means you can get very good audio quality

6) Battery life of the i10 is nearly compare to an original AirPods. 

After full charge, the i10 gives about 2 hours 45 minutes or above 3 hours.

It use a USB Type C cable to charge. There are 4 green LED lights on the charging dock to indicate its battery level. 

While charging the earphones, a pair of LED lights on the case indicates the charge for each earbud

i10 tws charing case

7) i10 TWS price and availability

The i10 price could be the most attractive aspects of the i10 TWS wireless airpods! 

You can purchase the TWS wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under US$30 from iCellway. they are available now!

If the i10 TWS is your ideal truly wireless earbuds, then take a step to purchase i10 TWS from Shenzhen Cellway Technology Co.,Ltd

Contact info@icellway.com to get what you want!

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