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Be Sure To Avoid The 3 Major Pitfalls Of Choosing Headphones
Aug 30, 2018

1, only listen to the bass to judge the headset good or bad This is absolutely wrong! Because the bass is actually the most easy to adjust, there is no technical content, the small master debugging. Because many people do not know the headset: the most prominent headset is a good headset. So now just looking for a stall can buy a very pompous heavy bass headset. Why do so many people think that the bass-protruding headphones are good? Because they all misunderstand the true face of a good voice.

When the bass is heavy, the Gaozheng will be weakened, and the sound will be severely distorted, making the ear uncomfortable.

Wireless bluetooth Headset

2. The louder the sound, the better the headset? Not necessarily! Headphones sound very loud just represent high loudness, does not mean good quality.

Here comes an important premise: no distortion. If you usually like yourself a person, quietly enjoy the music time, it is best to choose a better sound quality, close to the original sound of the headset; If you are often in some noisy environment, or like listening to radio or Internet fiction, such as audio-visual sound, the headset can also be loud, But pay attention to the sound of the General Assembly on the eardrum has a bad effect, be careful to wear.

Always try not to adjust the sound too much, and do not wear headphones for a long time. Wired Headphones

3, beryllium film headphones toxic? In large loudspeakers, beryllium metal is often placed on the top of the stereo as a sphere, conveying the purest and clearest treble.

So now there are some good quality headphones in the market, the diaphragm material used beryllium metal. But because the price of beryllium is very expensive, the 38 mm diameter of the beryllium metal sphere will be 1000 dollars. So the smart business came up with the beryllium metal plating on the diaphragm, the formation of beryllium coating film, control the cost and can achieve the desired sound quality effect.

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