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Bingle Is One Of The Leaders In Headphones
Oct 10, 2018

At the beginning of the 21st century, Bingle integrated global resources and established a dedicated audio research organization. In 2008, Bingle once again made a breakthrough and transplanted the SAW technology, which was first applied to the wireless navigation warning system, to the wireless transmission of high-quality audio. Let the sound of the most beautiful, from the shackles of the metal wire, the different sound texture can achieve anti-interference, no delay, long-distance transmission and reproduction.

In 2009, the Bingo Bingle brand was officially founded in China:

In terms of product design, Bingo Bingle inherits the style of Nordic aesthetics, and puts a delicate emotion into the product, not only has fashionable design, but also pays attention to the simplicity of operation and humanized functional design;

In terms of core technology, Bingo Bingle has created a unique dual-power patented technology in the headset industry! The high-and-wool crossover in the audio field is perfectly applied to the earphone products, so that the sound quality has a more extreme performance, so that the headphones can also produce a shocking feeling like a home theater;

In terms of product manufacturing, Bingo Bingle has a first-class earphone production line and rich production experience accumulated in long-term earphone manufacturing. While strictly guaranteeing the technological advancement, it adheres to the principle of independent research and development of core technology, scale production, and mature manufacturing process. Combine with advanced R&D technology to introduce new products faster and more fully, while maintaining a comparative advantage in price;

Bingo Bingle, knowing and listening to the user's voice carefully, will bring a new application experience and audio-visual experience to the user, creating the user's exclusive quality, beauty, and service!

Today Shenzhen Cellway Technology Co.,Ltd and Bingo company achieved strategic partnership, sell genuine products original Bingle headphones across the networks

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