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Bluetooth Headset 5.0 Era Has Arrived
Sep 21, 2018

When is the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headset available and popular? Now that there is a Bluetooth 5.0 mobile phone, is there a hope for the headset in 2018? Is the battery life of the Bluetooth headset improved?

The good news is that Shenzhen Cellway Technology Co., Ltd has developed and promoted the company through the innovative design, research and development, and subversion of consumer definitions and imaginations of cross-border products, and thus become the backbone and leader of creating China. The Bluetooth 5.0 TWS headset that people will wait and see; the true Bluetooth 5.0 is really ultra-low power consumption, the single-player playback time can reach 5H, and the charging box can reach more than 20H. The innovative ergonomic design and invention, the use comfort is super good. User-friendly design, charging box design power and headphone placement indicator display

What do we define for a good TWS Bluetooth headset?

1, good-looking, super value;

2, easy to use, super simple;

3, nice, super BASS sound effects;

4, cool, super black technology;

5, good wisdom, super cost performance;

6, good deeds, super heart;

7, enjoy, super good;

8, think about it, super love;

9, fun, super PK;

10, beautiful, super for you;

Good and good, good headphones, I want to try, not only powerful, not only super value, but also low power saving, iCellway led us into the real Bluetooth headset 5.0 era, welcome to global consultation order


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