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Bluetooth Headset How To Pair There Are Several Solutions Not Connected To The Method?
Aug 30, 2018

First, because the factory, Bluetooth headset may be in the factory for a period of time, the internal consumption of a certain amount of power, Bluetooth headset processing once the headset is not enough power is not normal use, there will be broken sound, beep sound; so please be sure to fully charge the Bluetooth headset before use, charging the general display red lights, 2-3 hours, A red light off means that the charge is complete. Bluetooth headset Processing Although this is simple, but also for many eager to experience the consumer ignored, and even some people often suspect that the Bluetooth headset is broken. It's not necessarily bad.

Again, before using, be sure to read the instruction manual in detail, so that it is possible to use the Bluetooth headset better and correctly. Then in the phone settings, the phone's Bluetooth function is turned on, the screen will appear a Bluetooth icon. When turned on, the general phone will prompt you to search for nearby Bluetooth devices and select "Yes". This is the phone to start searching nearby Bluetooth device, Bluetooth headset processing at the same time the Bluetooth headset out, long press the Multifunction power button on the top of the Bluetooth headset for 5-8 seconds, until the blue light on the top of the Bluetooth headset alternately flashing red, or a color of the indicator light is bright (each headset is not the same pairing status, generally only two cases State At this point, the Bluetooth headset device is the real searchable state. The phone will be able to search for a Bluetooth headset. After the mobile phone search to the Bluetooth headset, there will be a few seconds of time the screen still motionless, the top display to find the Bluetooth device name, or to display the name and model of the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset processing and then select "Connect the device." At this time, the phone will have a prompt screen, let you enter the pairing code, generally speaking Bluetooth headset pairing code is "0000" or "1234", the specific pairing code please consult the manual. After pairing is complete, a headset icon will appear on the phone, and by this time the Bluetooth headset is fully paired and you can use the Bluetooth headset to call or listen to the song. After the first pairing, the next Bluetooth headset automatically remembers the information without repeating the pairing action. You only need to turn on the Bluetooth feature. The automatic pairing connection is completed when the power is switched on.

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