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Google Made A New Autumn Release Conference
Oct 12, 2018

This time, Pixel’s camera operation is more

When the environment is dark, Pixel can turn on Night Sight mode, just like taking pictures during the day, and you won't need to turn on the flash later, which is similar to Huawei's Super Night Scene mode.

Pixel 3 also supports HDR+, large aperture, super zoom

Google insists on taking a single shot on the back, don't look at it as a camera, with powerful software post-processing capabilities, it is easy to achieve the effect of other people's double camera.

Everyone knows that the biggest freedom of the front camera is that the viewfinder is too small! Taking a selfie can only capture your face, so the effect of self-portrait is no different from the big sticker.

Pixel 3 uses two front-facing cameras to expand the framing by 184%, no longer worrying about the lack of coverage.

Pixel 3

Another important feature called Top Shot is very useful, and I heard that it will be pushed to Pixel 1 and Pixel 2 later.

These are the Pixel 3 enhancements in the camera, and the Pixel series offers unlimited cloud camera space, not afraid to take too much storage, not enough storage, attractive +MAX. .

Regarding photography, Pixel actually has an egg, the AR camera, which Google calls Playgroud.

In the previous generation of Pixel, Google pushed ARCore strongly. Now Google's AR is more powerful. Virtual animation is not only perfectly integrated into the environment, but also recognizes your state expression and cooperates with you to make corresponding actions.

The camera is already strong, but Google has a very powerful feature.

Google Assistant!

This time, Google has lit up the new skill tree of the voice assistant - Call Screen

For example, if you are in a meeting, a stranger calls you. You don't know if you should pick up the phone. At this time, Google Assistant can help you pick up the phone and ask the other person to come.

The other party's answer will be displayed directly on the screen. If you feel the need to pick up the phone, you can choose to pick it up. If you don't want to pick up the call, you can ask Google Assistant to help you reject the other party and blacklist the other party. .

I don't know how to retire advertising? With Google Assistant

google assistant

In addition to black and white, Pixel 3 also launched the Pink line of Not Pink.

In addition to mobile phones, Google also launched Google Home Hub, an upgraded version of Google Sound, which looks like Pixel, which can't make calls but has a bigger sound. .

Main home appliance control

Google also released a Pixel Slate tablet that wants to compete with the iPad. It is equipped with a new Chrome OS. The stylus is a drawing board, and the keyboard is a laptop. It can also run Linux applications perfectly. Can work.

And a vertical wireless charger for the Pixel 3

wireless charger

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