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How To Choose A Correct Bluetooth Headphone?
Dec 03, 2018

How to choose a correct Bluetooth headphone?

Bluetooth headset is one of the hottest electronic products, although a large part of it is due to Apple's decisive cancellation of the 3.5MM mobile phone jack. Whether it's forced or not, when you buy a new phone, choosing a Bluetooth headset that suits you is an extra must. However, many people directly search the Internet directly, buy it cheaply, 80% of the cases, will buy a Bluetooth headset that you regret, so choose a reliable Bluetooth headset manufacturer, Bluetooth headset supplier is very important, professional Bluetooth headsets for more than 10 years, winning by quality, relying on word of mouth to win the trust of customers. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a Bluetooth headset customer, do not blindly buy cheap, low price to buy, or will regret their choice

1. Bluetooth headset, the most popular part of it is the kind of cheap Bluetooth headset, online introduction, pictures are good, in fact, the cost is spent on the appearance, can there be material? ! Many are to lower prices, small profits but quick turnover, compression costs, cut corners, and even false configurations! Using such a Bluetooth headset is very painful to the ear, and it will take a few days to break!

2. Bluetooth headset sound quality problem

The sound quality of the Bluetooth headset is different from that of the wired headset. There are still some gaps, so some merchants directly say that they do not need to pay attention to the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset, because you can't compare the Bluetooth headset with thousands of Bluetooth headsets. But this is not true. Many Bluetooth headsets have been optimized for sound quality, not far from the wired headset. Therefore, it is recommended that you still buy a Bluetooth headset with better sound quality, which is better for your ears. Even if the price is expensive, it is worth it.

Here we recommend several Bluetooth headsets of our company.

1.Model No: BT-X6

B-x6 Wireless Bluetooth headset neckband lightweight design with wholesale

1. B-X6 with new design, soft neckband to make it fits very well. 
2. Super bass high quality sport running headset. 
3. Support 2 phones at the same time. 
4. Calling answering, rejecting, music playing, volume control, dial recent calling, auto-reminding. 
5. IPX4 waterproof. 
6. Feature lightweight, Magnet feature, sport running headset.

BX-6 Sports Bluetooth Headset

2.Model Number: Xi9 TWS

iCellway Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds with Portable Charging Case, Sweatproof Sport TWS Earphones, in Ear Headphones for Running, Jogging, Treadmill Workout, Exercising

1. Listening to songs and phone calls, supporting listening to songs and making phone calls;
2. Adjust the up and down songs, and take you into the music age every time you touch it;
3. Voice answering, intelligent English tone prompts, power on, pairing, power off and off the phone, etc.
4. Apple mobile phone, Xiaomi mobile phone There is power display, you can watch the power of the headset at any time, don't worry about the lack of power in the headset, let you live without worry;
5. When the Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone and turned off, the Bluetooth headset will automatically connect back to the phone when it is turned on, which is convenient and faster;

6. Smart compatibility: support all mobile phones with Bluetooth function, tablet, notebook, sing bar, music, movies, etc


3.Model Number: i9S TWS

i9s Tws Wireless Headset Bluetooth Headset In-ear Hidden Earbuds Headset 4.2 Mini Stereo Sports Portable For iPhone And Android


i9s tws instructions
1. Listen to the song correctly, support the song and then call.
2. Caller ID, last callback, all intelligent Chinese and English voice prompts, power on, pairing, power off when the phone is turned off;
3. iPhone power display, you can watch the power of the headset at any time, do not worry about the headset without electricity, so that your life is worry-free;
4. i9s tws earphones one or two connections, you can connect two mobile phones;
5. The Bluetooth headset is connected to the mobile phone after each shutdown, and then the Bluetooth headset is automatically connected back to the mobile phone, which is also convenient

i9s accessories

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