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How To Pair Bluetooth Headphones On Android Devices
Dec 29, 2018

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones on Android Devices?

It is very easy to connect bluetooth headphones to your Android devices via Bluetooth as below steps

Step 1:

Open your bluetooth headphones. please make sure the headphones batteries with power and power on it

Step 2:

Open your mobile phone settings menu and have "Bluetooth" on

Step 3:

Put Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode. some bluetooth headphones have an on/off button, if not you need to press and hold to put it in pairing mode. 

Step 4:

Click "Scan" It will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth devices. Your headphones will appear in the list when they are found

Step 5:

When your bluetooth headsets are found, just click connection for successful use

pair bluetooth on android smartphone

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