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Is The AirPods Wireless Headset Easy To Drop?
Nov 26, 2018

Is the AirPods wireless headset easy to drop?

Apple's wireless headset AirPods is easy to lose, this problem is actually for all true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Because the characteristics of the TWS Bluetooth headset is true wireless, although it is more convenient, there are many people who worry about whether the headset will fall more easily.

Appearance, Apple wireless headset AirPods this product is like a tear from the birth of EarPods, the overall shape is simple to the extreme. Unlike common Bluetooth headsets, AirPods does not have an interconnected design. The two headsets exist independently, but this also leads to a new problem: easy to lose. AirPods' overall size is very small. It seems that this earphone is easy to slide out of the big ear, even falling from the finger joints. If the earphones are so small, if you lose them, it is not a simple matter to find them back.

Worry is inevitable, but for so long, it seems that Apple's wireless headset AirPods dropped a lot of news.

Although many consumers initially felt that AirPods only cut the line of EarPods, in the subsequent tests, many users said that they wore AirPods and jumped and jumped. When listening to heavy metal music, they followed the rhythm and jogged. AirPods have not been smashed, and the sound quality has not been affected at all. It shows that the solidity is good.

It is reported that wearing it to complete the normal warm-up action and running is completely no problem, which should benefit from reasonable weight distribution (only 4g in length of 4.05cm) and shape design (the shape of the ear part follows the shape of EarPods).

The fear of losing AirPods is superfluous and it won't fall out of your ears easily.


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