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New Apple Headsets Would Be On Sale Soon
Nov 06, 2018

New Apple headsets would be on sale soon

In 2016, Apple released the first air pods headset, which caused a sensation in the world when it first came out. As the first wireless Bluetooth headset, his production should be shipped with Apple's newly released mobile phone for 3.5mm. Cancel the headset hole.

Starting from Apple 7, there is no mobile phone with a traditional round earphone hole. The feedback from the users is not good. Because the charging and the earphone are the same jack, this is a problem for many people. When charging and playing games, the headphones cannot be used. This move also opened up a larger market for Bluetooth headsets, and the air pods were designed and developed for this reason. According to the news, air pods2 will be released in December, the first generation of air pods has just sold the price of 200 US dollars, with the price increase in recent years and Apple's soaring trend of mobile phone prices, air pods2 The price is likely to be close to 300 US dollars

The new generation of air pods will match the function of iphoneX more. Just say "hi, siri" to the headset and start Apple Voice Assistant. Another new feature is to see the remaining power of the headset directly from the appearance. More convenient than before


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