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New Year's Explosion Of Bluetooth Headset Fozento
Nov 27, 2018

New year's explosion of Bluetooth headsets:Fozento Storm FT8 

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, how can you exercise without the companionship of music?

There is no high-profile sports headphones, how to maintain the image when tired?

Many times, a good sports headset may be the driving force for us to stick to sports... So why do you need a “sports headset”, why not wear a regular headset or a Bluetooth headset during exercise?

Fozento wireless headphones

The earphone cord of an ordinary wired earphone will always hang down along the ear, which will interfere with our movement. Many times, the earphone hooks onto the ear of the clothes, and there may be safety hazards when we exercise.

While the ordinary Bluetooth headset bids farewell to the headphone cable, it will not be particularly stable when worn. If there is a big action, the headset may fall. If it is night running, how do you find it on the dark ground? Plus sports The sweat is basically a hundred meters to re-plug, not only trouble, but also poor comfort!

Therefore, the design concept of "sports headset" is very popular at the moment. At the end of the year, a red earphone that was born in the United States, registered in the world, and fired from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea to China, is now popular in all kinds of micro video media. , counterattack the major evaluation list - Fozonto Storm Sounds? Sports Headphones!

fozento bluetooth headset

First of all, the neck-mounted design completely eliminates the embarrassing situation that the earphones can't be found, and the full application of ergonomic in-ear earphones also greatly reduces the probability of the earplugs being knocked off during large movements.

Volume, playback, switching tracks, and even answering calls can be done on the collar with one hand, which is very convenient in sports.

This neck-mounted sports earphone is very beautiful, no matter the occasion or the moment!

This product of Fozento...this is not only a headset, but also a jewelry!

fozento sports bluetooth headset

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