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Sony NW-WS623 Bluetooth Headset Call Player Out Of The Box Experience
Nov 13, 2018

The product is packed in a small size, and the things inside are compact but regular.


The color choice of this earphone is quite rich, there are lime green, black, white and light gray color. This lemon green can also play a warning role when running at night, and the recognition is relatively high.

Compared with the previous generation Sony NW-WS413/414, the biggest difference is that this player function and headphone function can be used independently. In other words, it can be used directly as a Bluetooth headset (with NFC), which makes the usability of this product greatly improved. After all, sometimes at home, we need more audio resources on the network to get a wider music experience.


The earphone casing, including a kind of skin-like material used in the whole part of the cable, has a low hardness and good skin-friendlyness, which is beneficial for long-term wear.

There are a lot of buttons on the earphones. These buttons are designed to be compact and compact, and they are distributed on the left and right units. It takes a certain amount of time to learn at the first time.


On the Sony NW-WS623, I found a button with a different color. This is its “ambient tone” mode button. Press and hold this button to activate the “ambient tone” mode. Short press is on the ABC three. Before the mode is switched in turn, because the mic is specially set in the machine because of the picking of the ambient sound, different ambient sound pickup strength can be obtained by ABC switching. According to my experience, the ambient sound effect is very good, although the surrounding sound is picked up by the mic. Feedback through the earphones into the ear, but the distortion is very low, the practicality is very high


Sony NW-WS623 itself does not have a charging interface, you need to use the attached charging base to charge it, and the charging base can also be connected to the PC for songs, as a player with integrated headphone function, throw away the phone still Can listen to songs

As a product with integrated player, earphone, Bluetooth module and battery, the weight of Sony NW-WS623 is controlled at 31.8g, and it will not be cumbersome to wear sports.


The cable part of the Sony NW-WS623 has been shaped to a certain degree, so it has very good elasticity and reducibility. Because my head shape is too large, the wire can just hold the back of the head tightly. If you have a small head shape, you may need to use the attached silicone adjustment belt to stabilize. In the ear, you may feel that the main part of such a large body is hanging on the ear will not feel very difficult? In fact, because the weight is only 31.8g, and the cable in the back of the head plays a certain role in weight sharing, the wearing comfort and stability are still very good, but the silicone material of the main body and the cable is not as pure as the TPU line. The cable is soft, so the wearing process takes a little time

Sony NW-WS623 does not have its own LDAC blessing, nor aptX codec, so the sound quality is not its strength. However, there is still a relatively unique place in the sound and dyeing. The whole seasoning is warmer, slightly in the middle and lower, and the mid-frequency vocal image is relatively large. It can also bring a certain appeal to the ear, and it is more inclined to the taste of popular style. . In addition, the performance in terms of transparency is good, not boring, and quite satisfactory. It may be that Sony considers that the use of sports scenes is not very high in terms of sound quality, considering price and functionality


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