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The World's Best Brand List Released
Oct 05, 2018

The world's best brand list released: Apple brand value exceeded 200 billion US dollars

This is the 19th annual global best brand report released by Interbrand. In this year's report, there are two new brands on the list, and three brands that have re-entered the list.

Apple and Google have always been at the forefront of Interbrand's list of the most valuable brands. Amazon's brand value increased by 56%, reaching more than $100 billion ($100.764 billion), ranking third

The fourth to tenth places are: Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) with a brand value of $92.315 billion; Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO), $59.89 billion; Toyota (NYSE: TM), $53.404 billion; Mercedes-Benz, $48.601 billion; Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), $45.168 billion; McDonald's (NYSE: MCD), $43.617 billion

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