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Wearable Trends Led By Bluetooth Headsets
Aug 30, 2018

The Bluetooth technology standard was born more than 20 years ago, and this year is likely to be the year when its market share has risen sharply. The reason for this is that mobile phone manufacturers have begun to realize that in the area of gold mobile phone inside, adding a wired headphone interface is a huge waste of mobile phone space. Also, wired headphones are not conducive to the overall waterproof of the mobile phone. Based on this, some handset manufacturers have begun to gradually remove the new model of the 3.5 mm headphone interface, instead of using the lighting interface or the Type-c interface to connect wired headphones. After switching to an interface, to use a wired headset, either use the adapter to pick up a 3.5 mm headset, or use a wired headset with a new interface, and a small number of headset manufacturers are currently following the Lighting or Type-c interface headset. This is the growth point of Bluetooth headset, one is the limitations of wired headphones, connection inconvenience, wire vulnerability. Second, a variety of headphone interface for the production of mobile phone manufacturers caused a barrier. There are many different headphone interfaces for the same type of headset.

and Bluetooth headset does not exist above problems, one is the Bluetooth protocol is a universal protocol, the terminal all support, the second is with the gradual improvement of Bluetooth technology, the power consumption has been reduced to an acceptable degree; Thirdly, the bandwidth of Bluetooth can be increased gradually, which means that the gap between Bluetooth headset and limited headset can be gradually reduced. The above is the advantage of Bluetooth headset with respect to the wired headset, and more importantly, the advantage of using the duration. Wired headphones are worn when used, not when not worn, and Bluetooth headset without wire bondage, can wear all day, wake up when using. This means that the Bluetooth headset can be used for the full time, and it is another form of wearable device. As with the bracelet and the watch, it is able to complete the notification function as well as part of the health function. More importantly, smart Voice assistant, in the case of Bluetooth headset is suitable. The Bluetooth headset provides a suitable scene for the smart voice assistant, and the interaction with the smart Voice assistant will not only stay on the phone, but will gradually move to the headset, which will become the user's window to interact with the phone.

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