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What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Bluetooth Headset?
Aug 30, 2018

Ultra-long battery life lithium: Built-in lithium, rechargeable, Bluetooth music playback time more than 10 hours, Bluetooth standby time up to 250 hours or more.

The Bluetooth headset will automatically shut down after a period of time without any input from the audio source.

Music calls switch freely: When the music is playing, the headset automatically pauses the music when the call comes in, prompts for a call, calls the phone directly on the Bluetooth headset, and continues playing the music before the call ends.

That does not affect the normal call, also can enjoy music.

Built-in microphone:

Bluetooth headset built-in microphone, connected to the computer/mobile phone, allows you to achieve hands-free calls, you can also directly and friends through the Bluetooth headset QQ voice chat.

Remote Control function: Can be directly from the wireless headset to pause, play, adjust the volume, on, the next song and so on, the call automatically remind and pause music, hang the machine automatically resume music, music calls free switch

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