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What Are The Ways To Use A Sports Bluetooth Headset?
Aug 30, 2018

1, the first use, as far as possible to make the headset rushed 2-4 hours or so, after charging 2 hours, it is best not to more than 4 hours. 2, click on the Bluetooth settings in the phone settings, select "On" to complete.

This turns on the Bluetooth support feature for your phone.

3, in the Bluetooth headset off status, press and hold the headset multifunction key MFB3 seconds above, to the headset on the indicator blue light on (note is often bright, the pairing process has always been bright, not flashing or not light), the Bluetooth headset is now in a can be looked up.

4, enter the password on the phone, the headset led flashing quickly, that is, pairing success.

5, Turn on the Bluetooth option on your phone to find it, and the Bluetooth headset name will be displayed on the list after successful search to the headset to confirm. 6, click the Bluetooth headset name entry, open, select bindings. Complete, the phone is connected to the Bluetooth headset.

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