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Why Do People Expect AirPods 2?
Nov 02, 2018

Why do people expect AirPods 2?

Although there will be news from 2017 that Apple will launch the second generation AirPods this year, even though we don't even know if the second generation will be called AirPods 2, there is no doubt that people are looking forward to the arrival of Apple AirPods. It’s that this product brings an unprecedented experience to many people.

Open box earphones automatically paired, no wire binding, stable and comfortable, long lasting... AirPods launched in September 2016 is one of Apple's most innovative products in recent years, except for its own Siri. The new way of using headphones has enabled many people to truly experience the convenience brought by wireless headphones. AirPods has become a new power growth point for Apple.

AirPods is not only an excellent experience, but also a very good data performance. According to Apple’s quarterly earnings report released in July this year, Apple’s product categories (including Apple Watch, HomePod and AirPods) in addition to the iPhone, iPad and Mac product lines. Sales brought in $3.74 billion in revenue for Apple. Although AirPods sales were not separately listed, the research report from the survey agency NPD in 2017 stated:

Since the product was officially released in December 2016, 900,000 wireless headsets have been sold in the North American market, and AirPods has accounted for 85% of total wireless headset sales in the United States.

Since the launch of AirPods, major manufacturers have seen this opportunity. Many manufacturers including Sony, Bose, and B&O have joined the competition and brought a lot of products. These subsequent products are not lacking. New breakthroughs have been made in noise reduction and waterproofing, which naturally makes AirPods users look forward to Apple's improvement and upgrade.

However, this "appears to be the second generation AirPods" product did not appear in the Apple conference at the end of the day, and Apple officially did not release any news, which made everyone full of doubts, and even more certain that this product is actually inseparable. I just can see it again after opening a press conference this year, so it is not difficult to understand why many people feel a little lost after the end of the Apple conference on October 30. AirPods is so far away that many people lose their patience. Even start thinking about other similar products

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